Simple homemade yong tau foo (酿豆腐)

It’s the festive season! Before all the feasting begins, will just have something simple and light.

With 2 chicken carcasses and spring onion ends from past meals, made use of them to make soup stock. From the picture below, sieve off all the carcasses and spring onions.


To have a wholesome soup for dinner, decided to make yong tau foo (YTF). YTFs are usually stuffed items. Some examples are stuffed brinjal/ eggplant, bitter gourd, tofu, mushroom, beancurd skin, beancurd puff, etc. For convenience, I only made 10 stuffed beancurd puff with a mixture of minced pork, fish paste and coriander.

Step 1: cut one end of the beancurd puff
Step 2: make an incision deep enough to hold the filling
Step 3: prepare the filling, marinate mixture of minced pork, fish paste and coriander with soy sauce, pepper, corn flour and sesame oil
Step 4: fill the puff as much as possible, leave aside

To ensure we’d be full from just YTFs, beancurd skin, enoki mushrooms and leafy vegetable were also added to the soup.


To end the meal, what’s better than a serve of fresh fruits!


Merry Christmas everyone! Have a blast!

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