Making roasted pork – siew yoke (烧肉)

Siew yoke (烧肉) is a favorite amongst many. It is a Cantonese dish where a piece of pork belly is seasoned and roasted till the skin is crisp and crunchy.

A friend gave a good piece of marinated Brazilian pork. I was then instructed to air dry the pork with skin only exposed overnight to dry the skin so that when roasted, it will be crispy. The meat of the pork belly was covered in foil to prevent the moisture from escaping. Therefore, only the SKIN/ RIND is exposed. I left it to dry for 2 nights. This recipe was based on Happyhomemaker88 tweaked a little.

Ingredients for seasoning:
Pork belly with skin 1kg (rinse the pork and pat very dry. Use a sharp knife and poke through the skin. On the meat side make cuts about 1cm deep and 1.5cm apart)
Salt 1 tbs for rubbing the rind
Chinese fermented beancurd (腐乳) 1 piece
Five spice powder 1 tsp
White pepper powdered 1 tsp
Castor sugar 1 tsp
Rice wine 1 tbsp

Rice vinegar approx 3 tbsp for use 20min into roasting

1. Rub seasoning all over the meat side
2. Rub another 1 tbsp salt over the skin
3. Cover the meat with foil leaving the rind exposed, air dry in fridge
4. Place in fridge at least overnight. Before roasting, take it out from the fridge for an hour.
5. Preheat oven to 180 deg Celsius and roast with fan forced upper and lower heating
6. Place pork belly in a foil tray with a Centimeter of water (yes, let the piece of pork sit in the water bath)
7. After 20min, take the pork out and brush the rind with rice vinegar, return to oven
8. Continue roasting for about 40 to 60min
9. If you are able to see the pork through the oven door, dab the skin with a kitchen towel and long tongs to enable the rind to crisp better. If not, the skin will still crisp but may not be very even.
10. Monitor the roasting and it is preferred if the skin is a little charred so that it is roasted thoroughly.

The whole process of roasting took about 1.5hours.





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