Happy 2015! Durians & champagne anyone?

We started our new year at home with Dom Pérignon x Iris Van Herpen limited edition champagne.

Dom Pérignon is committed to producing the best. Their champagnes are vintage only, using the best grapes grown in a single year. If the harvest is not ideal, the vintage will not be released.



For this edition, Dom Pérignon worked with Iris Van Herpen who is a renown Dutch fashion designer interned with Alexander McQueen. The theme for this edition was inspired by metamorphosis to symbolize the past and the future.





The 2004 vintage had good vine growth due to moderate weather and defined by dry heat of the final weeks before harvest. The grapes displayed excellent ripeness and health.

Then off to have durians at Leong Tee (264 Tanjong Katong Road)
In Singapore, durians are popular and they are mostly imported from Malaysia. Durians have a pungent smell but once you taste them, they are really fragrant, creamy and smooth. Some love it, and some hate it.

We headed to Leong Tee Fruit Trader for some yummy durians. The owner is Mr. Lim Leong Tee who have been a durian seller for more than 20years. They posted the below quote on their facebook page
“When people buy durians, they want two things. One is good durians and two is paying an honest price for it. This is what everybody wants. But as you and I know, it isn’t always easy to fulfill both criteria. That is why most people would stick to a particular durian seller when they feel that they have found someone who is honest and has a supply of good durians. Thanks for all your support!”





*Note – do call to order the durians before going down.

There are many loyal patrons who have been buying Uncle Leong’s durians since many years ago and still are. So you can be sure he is an honest durian seller who does not need to hard sell and would not make you pay through your nose for quality durians. To value add, uncle Leong also provides gloves and bottled water for patrons who ‘dine’ at his stall!

We had some Mao Shan Wangs (猫山王 or Musang king) literally translated as cat mountain king. They were so fragrant, so rich and creamy, but not overly sweet. Very nice!






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