Elemen 元素 – simple meatless meal

Good food at Elemen means

  • Tasting, looking and smelling delicious
  • Minimally processed with no unnecessary additives
  • Does not compromise sustainability of our environment  

The crew is confident that dining with them once will urge patrons to come back frequently. And so we did make another booking with friends.

We loved the decor of the restaurant. Simple green, beige and grey colors, soothing and pleasing to the eye. Service was good and staff were friendly. Pricing of the sets were also reasonable. However, please note that they only offer the 8 course $32.80++ set on weekends, while the $23.80++ set is available for lunch on weekdays.



Rosemary and lemon infused drinking water mostly tasted of lemon.


The elemen appetizer

 Jap cucumber – soy konbu like thick sauce, chickpea mash wrapped with jap cucumber

Black sesame tofu – light tofu with black sesame on e side, served with tangy white sesame dressing

Plum tomato – cherry tomato skin off soaked in plum marinade topped with mint 


Rosemary breadsticks

focaccia bread stick served with a slightly sweet and creamy raspberry sauce 



Fruit salad – tangy slightly sweet and savory berry sauce with apples, watermelon, dragon fruit, rock melon, lemon rind

Avocado salad – tasted like a mix of white sesame sauce and soy konbu sauce from the appetizer, 6 slices of avocado, greens 



Burdock root mock fruits soup – clear soup of white fungus, cashew nut, mushroom slice. Wonder what mock fruit meant

Pumpkin soup – surprisingly light soup with pumpkin bits 

  Apple cider  – this palate cleanser was a little too sweet at the start but tastes better towards the end. Leaves a (gam gam) feeling like we’ve eaten sour plums where the salivary glands become active 



Tomato mozzarella pizza – generous thick cheese, sundried tomato, sliced mushroom, basil leaves. 

Mushroom risotto – e smell of wok hei, spring onion, onion, daikon, wild rice, rice crisp, sliced truffle 



Coconut purée – utterly disappointing and pretty tasteless, could not get any worse. looked nothing like the sample in the menu when served. Not sure what or where the coconut purée looked or taste like. We just tasted coconut milk, some coconut flesh and tiny bits and traces of amber colored jelly? When we feedback to the wait staff (William), he said the chef added more coconut milk and the puree is below when I tried scooping with the tiny spoon he gave us, there were not much ingredients, almost all was shown in the photo below. Did the serving looked as appetizing as the picture in the menu or am I being complacent?

Chocolate lava cake – was a fudge cake instead, never mind not much lava but would be better if it was less sweet. Plus point, strong aroma of the chocolate which we liked. 



Sea salt coffee – strong bitter coffee flavored with a slight tinge of saltiness. Either add sugar or we topped it with the ice cream from the chocolate cake to make it drinkable

Grapefruit mojito – pretty drink with lemon zest, sliced lime, mint, soda water. Refreshing drink on a hot sunny day 


Overall we enjoyed ourselves and we did not feel like we were just having a vegetarian meal as the mains were hearty. The star dishes were salads and mains. We were given red bean mochi while we exit the restaurant as part of the set meal. 

   For more information, visit their website.

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