Taipei 2015 – Jiufen 九份 part 2 

Continuing from Jiufen part 1, this post includes interesting teahouses and the beautiful views of the surrounding area. The impact from Typhoon soudelor resulted in many without electricity and so the residents of Jiufen was not spared. Do read on to see how we knew….

Jiufen teahouse 

A traditional teahouse, decorated mostly with wooden dark furnitures with amazing views while enjoying tea is bliss… This teahouse consists of 3 levels and different sections.

Section 1 – from Jiufen old street, one enters into a world tea leaves, pots on burners and a row of semi private seats and an outdoor sitting area for the patrons to enjoy both view and sipping on freshly brewed tea.

Section 2 – the stairs led us down to the indoor seats, exhibits of teapots and cups on the other side.

Section 3 – past the signage, we went into the art gallery with more exhibits and down to the lower level for the workshop and there, we could see the beautiful coast in front of us. 


While heading to the next teahouse which I’ve always wanted to try, we walked past an aromatic stall selling pink guava… The smell was just alluring…. 

 And here we are at Siidcha, the teahouse which sells healthy meals and delicious tea wide in variety and tastes. We tried their almond oatmeal hot tea and white peach iced tea. The beans and nuts were complimentary. There was no minimum charge per person but each table was only allowed 2hrs to dine in. 

Views from the top level of Siidcha 

 A snack prior to wait for the night views of Jiufen. Grilled smelly tofu, yummy!

Here it is, the secret place professionals come to take the night scene of Jiufen 3 days after the typhoon. And while we waited, we could see many still without electricity by nightfall, approximately half the population. Though we were unable to get the best photos of Jiufen at night, we hope the residents have got their electricity back by now.


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