Homemade pumpkin soup

We were gifted with a japanese pumpkin and there’s available chicken stock, onions, garlic butter, turmeric, smoked paprika and cream in the pantry. So its pumpkin soup!

Smoked paprika is optional. The soup will taste good whether or not its added. And no turmeric was added. 1/2 a pumpkin steamed in microwave amounted to about 2 cups.
Since pumpkin was cooked, the ingredients need not be simmered for long
This soup was quite thick. If a lighter consistency is preferred, add a little more stock or milk

We toasted the Cheesy mochi bakes to have with the soup. The light and natural sweetness from the pumpkin was so nice with the savoury chewy goodness. Not much cream went into the soup, no milk was added. For a healthier version, skip cream or milk. The garlic butter and onions will elevate the taste of this soup! Enjoy making this easy and delicious dish…

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