B&B (Beef & Beans) gratin

Hope the weekend was a kind one to all! I was glad and thankful to end work on time and so able to prepare dinner! As I was deciding on salmon or beef, decided on beef… what next… with pasta or rice? Neither, ended up with sourdough as the accompaniment of this dish.

From the pantry, gathered tomato puree, smoked oysters, mixed beans and decided to make a gratin. Never before have I tried cooking oysters with beef but well, gave it a try and it turned out quite well!

Savory and delicious B&B gratin fresh out of the oven, sprinkle some spring onions and coriander, serve with sourdough toasted with evoo!

There were about 2 cups of leftovers, will use them for meals over the next few days with rice, noodles, pasta or some potatoes and vege. A simple, quick, easy and versatile dish which is tasty and flavorful!

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