Easy cheesy mochi bakes

It’s been such a long time since this dish was revisited. The last attempt was more than 5 years ago when a similar recipe Pao de queijo was posted.

The recipe in this post results in a nicely browned top and bottom, soft and moist on the inside. A little bit more effort to make it but still simple overall.

When the liquids boil like this, remove from heat to add flour & garlic
After about 40min of baking, tops nicely browned
Bottoms nicely browned with a crust. A few of them were a little stucked to pan and therefore oil mold thoroughly
When these came out of the oven, they smelled sooo good with all the garlicky cheesy goodness, we felt like sinking our teeth right into them!!

Having these little cheesy bakes with the vegetable chicken stew which I made a fresh pot today for the rest of my weekday lunches was really comforting!

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