Trying to be healthy

Real food (真食) offers real deal fresh and organic vegetarian food. In my ‘quest’ to search for healthier options to boost my energy levels while not gaining weight…. (Shhh I gain weight easily, even if I eat bird portion) heard about this restaurant and decided to give it a go.


So there I was today, and liked the ambience immediately… It was spacious, casual, and the staff were friendly. There was even an organic minimart where we can buy fresh veges and dried supplies.


I liked how they spaced out the tables and the simplicity of the place. They even sell magazines which may be hard to find at the usual newstands.


We ordered the oat milk and almond drink which soothed the tummy on a cold rainy day. The fried quinoa with capsicum, garlic, long beans, tomatoes, sunflower sprout and chili may sound very plain, but it was flavorful! We could taste the freshness of the ingredients!


The aubergine bruschetta was so yummy, though my ‘kaki’ which meant comrad in eating thought it needed some balsamic vinegar which I agreed but I liked it the way it was anyway. The ciabatta was freshly toasted, topped with cooked to perfect aubergines and garlic slices in olive oil which were not mushy.


The last dish was steamed dumplings in tamari and sesame oil. Again this may sound plain, but the dumplings were flavorful… Mushrooms, coriander, tofu, cabbage and turnip were marinated well, stir fried and wrapped in thin dumpling skins. Tamari is a type of Japanese soy sauce produced from fermenting aspergillus sojae molds. Yummy!!


The experience at Real Food was great, will definitely be back more often!

Real Food

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