Market Grill by Colin West

The Market Grill is helmed by Colin West who have previously worked at les Amis and Le saint julien. This place bustles with patrons and is perpetually filled. We had to sit at the counter at about 8.30pm on a Saturday. There was not enough light for photo taking in my iPhone so I may not be doing the food justice.

We shared an onion soup, and we each had a main. J had the CW blue cheese and I had the live lobster sliders. All of which did not impress us. They tasted ordinary.

CW blue cheese: salty blue cheese, sweet burnt onion marmalade and bacon atop a beef patty held together by walnut raisin bun.

Lobster sliders: chunks of lobster meat (said to be 500g) mixed into herbed mayo Pommery with shredded fresh romaine. Mounted on toasted crustless brioche served with salad and fries.





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