Fat Cow – for a lunch you will come back for

Fat cow had been a pretty intimidating place for meals as dinner is costly till I became aware of their lunch menu.

They had quite a good selection of cocktails. We tried the following which were refreshing but not fantastic.
– mimomo: puréed peaches delicately stirred with shiraume umeshu and champagne
– yuzu fizz: grand marnier, lemon and yuzu juice shaken with a touch of honey and champagne

They offer a range of set lunches from sushi moriwase, chirashi zushi, tempura don, kurobuta tonkatsu as main dishes to name a few…

J chose fat foa–gura (foie gras) don and I had the fat cow donburi, both of us opted for our beef to be done medium rare. The set included a salad, crabmeat scallop prawn chawanmushi, wakame miso soup and dessert (warabi mochi with malt syrup, green tea and roasted soybean powder with honeycomb ice cream on cookie crumbs)

Foa-gura don set $42: steak was a tad overdone but foie gras was amazing. There were also slivers of shiitake mushroom atop al dente short grain rice

Fat cow donburi set $38: this was delicious! Charcoal grilled wagyu beef with onsen egg & shiro negi. Think normal gyu don? Neh, this was simple yet the best ‘beef bowl’ I’ve had, as the sauce was infused with truffle bits and oil. With the beef done just right and rice cooked al dente, this treat was heavenly.

We also tried the grade 3 Saga (Kyushu) tenderloin 110g ($89) which was grilled to perfection but a little disappointing as some slices were sinewy. Will try grade 4 Ohmi ribeye next time.

The dessert was a sweet ending to the overall enjoyable meal. Service was excellent.









Fat Cow

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