Everton Park – another estate in Singapore

Nice quaint housing estate which with a few Cafes, local food and traditional dessert ang ku kueh (red tortoise cake).

The Provision Shop – a retro cafe with friendly staff. Decent sandwiches. Opens at 11am and there’s already a few people waiting 5min to opening time. Go early to get a seat.

Nylon Coffee Roasters – heard rave reviews, packed with many people, menu was simple if I recall, black, white, maybe espresso, single/ double and something else. Tried latte (white) and americano (black), was not impressed with the coffee no doubt freshly ground, was too diluted. Maybe it was the water to coffee ratio or the brew time or grinds not packed well into the portafilter so water flows through without passing coffee particles? Or maybe there were too many customers so coffee wasn’t well prepared?? Anyway will give it another shot if I’m in the vicinity cos everyone says yay but I say nay??












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