Veranda and Max Brenner

Veranda is located at Gardens by The Bay. It’s a cosy family cafe good to grab a bite from the park exploration or simply chill and relax for a long lunch on a lazy day.

This cafe serves local fare as well as western. They also have waffles and other desserts. Food is priced reasonably. We particularly like their truffle fries, good stuff! Other than their ala carte menu, they also have daily sets. Some sets run out at lunch so do visit early.

We had the wok hei (wok fried scent) aglio olio which smelled wonderful and tasted good with a spicy kick. The burger on the other hand was juicy and the bun was delicious. Very soft and slightly crispy on the outside. What a satisfying meal!



After that we headed to Max Brenner’s at vivocity. We ordered cafe latte, hot chocolate in a hug mug and a banana split waffle. The latte was not bad. Hot chocolate as I did not specify dark chocolate they probably made me one with milk chocolate which was too sweet for my liking. I literally left it untouched. However, the star was the waffle. It had crunchy chocolate balls, chocolate sauce and caramelized bananas with some caramel. Yummy waffle!



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