Bumble bee charm

This is really easy to make.

What you’ll need:
6 black bands (5 for bee body and 1 for hanging at the end)
6 yellow bands (bee body)
4 blue bands (wings)

1. Place 1 band loosely on the top pin as in photo,
2. Place 3 yellow bands from 1st to 2nd pin,
3. Place 3 black bands from 2nd to 3rd pin
4. Place 3 yellow bands from 3rd to 4th pin.
5. Secure the 4th pin with 2 black bands wound round 3 times
6. Make a loop knot with 2 blue bands on each side of the middle black bands (for the wings)
7. Hoop back all the yellow bands on the 4th pin back to 3rd pin.
8. Hoop back all black bands on 3rd pin to 2nd pin. Then pull the wings up so that they stay on top of the bee
9. Hoop back all yellow bands from 2nd to 1st pin.
10. With the loose single black band, make a loop knot and then release all bands from pins.
11. Pull/ tug the single black loop knot, wings and bee body to adjust




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