Khunthai – Thai Restaurant

As I heard from my KL friends, Khunthai is an authentic Thai restaurant originated in Penang. They have since opened their doors in KL, and other parts of Malaysia. The branch we visited was located in Petaling Jaya (PJ), Petaling Garden off Jalan Gasing.

As there were 12 of us, we ordered the RM388 set which consisted of 9 dishes and came with free flow white rice and Kedongdong fruit drink. On top of that, we also ordered additional fried fish otak.

There were not many photos in this review but food was generally good. Seafood was very fresh, pandan chicken was well seasoned, omelette was delicious and tom yam soup was thick and full of flavor.

Kedongdong, which may also be known as ambra or ambarella is a fruit with fibrous pit found in Indonesia and Vietnam (in asia). It may also be found in Some Latin American and African countries. It’s a fruit with unique taste and Asians like to drink it with sour plum.

Tom yam soup wasn’t the milky kind nor was it spicy and clear red type. It was thick with seafood flavor, murky as if tons of seafood were cooked in it. Overall, abit different from the usual tom yams I had in Singapore or Thailand.

This place is not easy to get to unless one drives. Visit their website for more details. As we ordered 2 extra dishes and another jug of kedongdong juice, the bill came to about RM480. 20140720-155727-57447290.jpg













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