Hotpot and more hotpots!

Hotpots! Ooohh I love them! Give me mala (numbing spicy 麻辣) soup, chicken soup, collagen soup, pork bone soup… I’d gladly have ’em for any meal!!!

My latest craze is Beauty In The Pot (BITP) under the Paradise Group. It’s opened just a few months ago at One KM Mall in Katong.

The restaurant is cosy with warm lights and dark wooden Chinese chairs. Every table whether 2 or 8 seaters come with 1 pot to share. The concept reminds me of Haidilao, Imperial Treasure hotpot & Jpot where we choose ingredients and our preferred soup from an extensive ala carte menu. Another thing about their hotpot is that they offer collagen soup base (another hotpot place with collagen soup is Bijin Nabe – which is labeled as BN below). Although all the other hotpot restaurants are good, I somehow prefer this one.

I like it that their food’s fresh and their collagen soup can be refilled at no charge. The others also do not charge for refills but BN (the only other restaurant which serves collagen soup) charges from the 2nd bowl of refill. Of course, BN’s soup base is always thick and tasty by itself as compared with BITP’s. However, after a few times of eating at BN, I felt like I’ve had enough even though it’s delicious! By the way, BITP charges an additional $2++ per head for free flow DIY sauce. To end the meal, they offer free flow yuzu crushed ice which is really refreshing!

Here’s some information on the other restaurants:
Haidilao (HDL) – There are 2 HDLs in Singapore which I’ve tried (one at Clarke Quay, another at 313). Somehow, I still prefer Shanghai’s in terms of service, food quality and price which is why I’ve not written about the Singapore branches. They charge an additional $4++ per head for free flow DIY sauce and desserts.

Imperial Treasure hotpot (ITH) – up market hotpot restaurant, charges an additional $2++ per head for sauce. There are 2 branches – Tripleone and Ion

Jpot (JP) – if you prefer individual hotpots which come with free sauces with free refills! I highly recommend this restaurant as it’s also my favorite! There are 3 branches – Vivocity, Tampines Mall and Parkway Parade.

Bijin Nabe (BN) – for thick, milky collagen soup base, comes with fixed set of ingredients. Sauces include all you can eat sanshio paste (which is yummy!), chili paste, leek in oil. All sauces are placed on each table. There are 3 branches – Plaza Singapura, Chinatown point and Westgate. Be prepared to queue at Plaza Singapore and Chinatown branches as no reservations allowed.

All the hotpot restaurants in Singapore charge approximately $30 – $40 per head depending on what is ordered. As long as there’s no live seafood or premium cuts of beef, the budget will get you a satisfied meal. Reservations must be made at all restaurants except BN as these hotpot restaurants are really popular in Singapore!

Pictures below were taken at BITP









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