Bedrock bar & grill

The last time we were there was for their set lunch. See an earlier post.

Lunch was not that great, would rather have the set lunches at Fat Cow anytime. But we decided to come back to Bedrock for dinner as we heard about the raving reviews of their beef quality.

In order to make sure we enjoy our meal. We brought 2 big reds to share and they went very well with the food.
– Chateau Quinault 1998
– Bahans Haute Brion 1998




Baked Camembert $28 – Camembert Normandy, garlic spread, capers, crisp bread. This was good and best to share between 3 – 4.


Roasted bone marrow $25 – chopped parsley salad, toast. Really good at the first taste when it’s warm but a little goes a long way as its rich. Good to share as well between 4.


Bedrock pepper steak $79 – 300g, cap of ribeye, black peppercorn sauce. I shared this with another friend. The steak was nicely grilled. Medium rare but more towards rare. Juicy and tender!



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