Fitness and Spa Artisan @ Fullerton Hotel

After checking in to my comfy room, I wanted a good massage to ease all the knots on my shoulders. So I checked out the spa.

Next to the spa counter was the gym. Not a big one for the size of the hotel but reasonable as there were never many using it whenever I go past 4 times within 2 days. The pool was more popular with kids and tourists to beat the heat. It’s perpetually used at any time of the day until it closes at 10pm. The view from the pool area was nice.




At Spa Artisan, simply choose what you like from their menu or let the consultant know your concerns for her to recommend a treatment. I went for the 60min relaxing massage which was about $148 after tax.


My masseuse was an Indonesian lady. She led me to the next section to choose the massage oil. I chose Moroccan which had a light citrusy scent.





Then we passed the manicure and pedicure section and on to a wall of greens before the suites.




My suite was quite spacious. There was a salt foot soak/ scrub in a copper bowl waiting for me, the treatment bed, sink and a brightly lit shower. The massage was nice and relaxing. The oil which was quite fragrant was not too oily and was absorbed within 30min. I was told not to shower for the next 2hr.




After the massage I was led to the relaxing corner where herbal tea and sesame layered crackers were served. A feedback form was included. As I was happy with the service of the counter staff and masseuse, gave a good overall.





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