Jade Palace @ The Forum

Jade Palace is one of Singapore’s famous Cantonese restaurant. Food is consistently very fresh and tasty. They are also a wine drinker’s haven. There’s no corkage charge, they provide wine glasses and they even have wine glass polishing machine similar to the below.

On top of that, they have an impressive and extensive wine list. Diners may wish to order from their collection as they are offered at a very good deal, some below retail price.

We started our dinner with some chicken bone cartilage, deep fried like tempura, crispy exterior and crunchy cartilage spells yums! 7.5/10


Next we had the über delicious deep fried frog legs cooked to perfection. They were so crispy and tender on the inside. The ginger chips were also interesting. This dish was very good! 9/10



Then came the steamed deep sea giant grouper which was only served the skin and the skeleton of the fish. We were told that if the skin was gelatinous and thick, the fish would be a minimum of 10kg. Its flesh would be very tough for such a huge fish after cooking. The skin was filled with yummy goodness and yes, we were stuffed with collagen! 8.5/10






Eating this roast pigeon was a breeze. We were all given a pair of gloves to dig in. The bird was so well marinated and delicious! 8.5/10


The lamb Hotpot was quite popular, but I do not take lamb. Based on the rest of the party, the soup was flavorful, lamb was tender and there were a lot of beancurd skin. It was such a big pot, everyone had their fill and there were still leftovers for take aways. 8/10


Lastly we had fruits and osmanthus jelly for dessert.

And we had all these wines for the night.



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