Spathe Public House

IMG_1853Spathe (pronounced as ‘spayth’) is the place to go If you are meeting with a few or many friends. The restaurant is rather dimly lit with simple furniture, brick walls and mural paintings.






They emphasize on a sharing menu called ‘mammoth signatures’. A dish from this menu serves 4 – 6 pax. We were only a party of 3 so no mammoth dishes for us.



We ordered some of their signature dishes and here’s our review.
Garlic chili fries $8 – 7.5/10
This is the much raved about fries which everyone says yay and gone in ’60 seconds’! It was good and very well seasoned but we were not able to finish them.


Sou vide Spanish octopus salad $18 – 8/10
Now this dish was as good as the others say. The octopus is not the least tough. Very nice, with lotsa fresh greens and some fried onions. The salad dressing could be reduced though.


Chicken & sea paella $25 – 7.5/10
This was good, quite tasty and creamy arborio rice. The mussels were fresh, chicken chunks were cut to a perfect size, not too big. One of us gladly finished it all… My only reservation – the rice was a little overcooked. I’d have preferred the rice done al dente.


Slow cooked pork belly $24 – 7.5/10
The pork was really tender and the mash and sauce were nice. Unfortunately the skin of the pork pieces were not well seasoned so we left them untouched.


Belgian waffle with fried chicken $17 – 6/10
We were a tad disappointed with this dish. The chicken tasted like what we can get from cold storage deli section. It wasn’t juicy tender and some parts were overcooked. The waffle was fine though.


Overall, the experience at Spathe was positive and we might go back if we have a gathering with friends.

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