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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! In the first quarter of each year, there’s always a few birthday celebrations! And today, as we celebrate an aunt’s birthday, we had home catering from Vis a vis. To add to the Valentine’s Day ambience, there’s home made flower arrangements!



Since 1992, Vis a vis has been around. It’s a French restaurant serving hearty French fare. Their catering service included table setting like what we get in the restaurant. It came with stainless steel cutleries, porcelain dishes, napkins, wine glasses, and they actually brought a sophisticated coffee machine!

After they set the table, we put the flower arrangements made by a relative and scattered some rose petals and plastic ice cubes… Don’t the table settings look romantic??





Now the food….


Pan fried foie gras 6/10 – the foie gras was very well done but I did not fancy the rhubarb coulis tart nor the wasabi lychee


Traditional French onion soup 6/10 – the soup did not have enough onion taste and the cheese was not grilled enough.


Seared boneless filet of Chilean sea bass 7/10 – this was just average, nice but nothing extraordinary


Pan roasted meltique sirloin 7.5/10 – this was quite good, the sirloin was tender and fat laced.


Birthday cake, raspberry mousse cake 8/10 – other than the beef, this was the best! Fragrant raspberry which was lightly sweetened and the combination was rather light.


Service by the old time servers who worked at the restaurant for many years was great! Chef Jeremy Choo also had some drinks with us after the meal and chatted for awhile.

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