Si Chuan Dou Hua dinner buffet @ UOB Plaza

SCDH is a nice restaurant specializing in Sichuan dishes. They have 3 branches in Singapore and the one we went to was at the top of UOB Plaza at 80 Raffles Place (just above Raffles Place MRT). 

 They also have a cosy tea ceremony corner. 

 Fans of spicy or mala (麻辣 – numbing spicy) dishes are in for a treat at SCDH! At about $60 per person for dinner, the extensive menu is more than enough to satisfy. However, do note that the tea and side dishes are changeable at around $5++ per pax. The fanciful addition of water to our tea was just once. Subsequent top ups were done by wait staff using small porcelain pots.

 The price and menu – for UOB cardholders, there may be buy 3 get 1 free. Do check when making reservations. 

 And let’s have a look at what we thought of the dishes.

Let’s start with those we liked 


  • Stir fried French beans with minced meat
  • Diced chicken with fresh chili (very spicy)
  • Braised sharks fin soup
  • Sliced pork with minced garlic & chili sauce


From left to right

  • Braised eggplant with minced garlic & chili sauce
  • Sichuan Dan Dan noodles
  • Chongqing diced chicken with dried chili (very spicy)
  • Crispy fried soon hock fish

Now for those we did not fancy much 


Left row then right

  • Chongqing chilled chicken in spicy bean paste
  • Fresh prawns with fruit salad (prawns were quite tasteless)
  • Sichuan hot & sour soup (quite tasteless but the spicy heat can be felt in the throat and stomach)
  • Chilled sliced beef & tripe in chili sauce (very spicy)
  • Stir fried diced chicken with dried chili & peanut
  • Wasabi prawns

Desserts were nice, the red bean in the pancake was so smooth, while the bean curd was very smooth, I preferred it with traditional sweetening instead of wolfberries. 

 Overall we still enjoyed the experience. Most dishes are really spicy so do be prepared for the kick! We liked it that there is no limit to the number of portions we can order for each dish. However, our meal was quite short. The 4 of us arrived past 8pm and left at 9.30pm. We ‘d plan to arrive on time at 6.30pm next time to enjoy the view from day to night and ensure we get to savor more dishes. This place is recommended to go with a big group so everyone can try more dishes. 

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