Banh mi (Vietnamese baguette) my way

Vietnamese baguettes are great and fast to prepare for any meal of the day. We had some baguettes from sandwich Saigon at Joo Chiat and made something with our own ingredients.We happened to have

  • Spanish iberico pate, 
  • leftover handful of shredded chicken from Sesame seeds chicken noodle, 
  • cherry tomatoes and 
  • coriander

By the way, we made this a day after the sesame chicken noodle. Best to use up the chicken within a day or two.


  1. Spread butter if you wish then spread pate generously
  2. Marinate chicken with 1 tbsp Minced pork chops soy sauce gravy and 1 tsp sesame oil then stuff in baguette
  3. Cut cherry tomatoes into quarters lengthwise 
  4. Top tomatoes on baguette and finish off with coriander    


To make it more refreshing, cucumber slices or shreds can be added. 

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