Gar Lok Eating House 

We ventured to Syed Alwi Road to try the infamous Hakka beef balls and yong tau foo (酿豆腐) on a Saturday morning. We decided to take a walk to the coffee shop and it took us slightly more than an hour, just nice for lunch. We arrived at about 11.30am and there wasn’t many patrons. The coffee shop is directly opposite the Workers’ Party HQ. 

The unassuming stall sold mainly beef ball, tendon ball, sliced beef and noodles in clear soup. Their Yong tau foo also came with fixed items, not the kind where patrons get to choose and pick items they like.

 The beef ball soup was quite good. The beef balls were really bouncy and it’s the type beaten with real meat, not the starchy kind. The soup was light and though clear, do not underestimate the beefy taste. The chili was really garlicky and spicy, and went well with the beef balls.

   the Yong tau foo came with quite a number of items like bitter gourd, tofu, fried tofu, taupok, ngo Hiang , wanton, vegetables. The soy bean clear broth tasted clean and fresh. The noodles were cooked al dente. With the slightly sweet chili plus soy bean broth, was delicious.
 Other than the mentioned dishes, they also have abacus seeds (算盘子) which are chewy morsels made of yam or taro, tapioca flour and water. They look like biconcave disks with a flattened center and are boiled then stir fried with dried shrimp, sliced mushrooms, garlic, black fungus and minced pork. 

 the other item we ordered was the soon Kueh which is like a big dumpling containing shredded radish, dried shrimp, sliced mushrooms. 

   lime juice from the drink stall was also yummy, so appropriate on a hot day to quench our thirst after a walk. 

 Our lunch cost us $13. Quite reasonable for such decent food.

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