PS Cafe at Paragon Orchard

PS cafe is located on level 3 of Paragon shopping center. We arrived at about 6.30pm on a weekday and it was quite empty. 

One of the male wait staff did not seem very friendly, no smiles at all and looked haughty while he attended to us a few times. Anyway, we did not let this dampen our mood and still ordered 3 dishes to share between 4 of us.

Mushroom soup with watercress – very good but can be slightly more savory contained chockful of portobello mushrooms. This may not be for those who like rich and creamy soups. However, it is still satisfying due to the amount of mushrooms in there. A slice of toasted pumpkin bread came with it. 

Tiger beer battered fish and chips – very crispy and fragrant batter but the fish tasted a tad dry and earthy, maybe catfish or similar as did not taste like snapper which the menu said they were… We also had to salt the fries. The tom yum like kaffir lime aioli which came together with the homemade tartar sauce was quite tasty though abit sweet. The aioli was a good accompaniment to the fries.

BBQ ribs – these baby back ribs were delicious and fall off the bones easily. The sticky bbq sauce was nice and the apple walnut slaw was refreshing. We replaced the usual fries with truffle flavored ones, but were disappointed as we could not taste any truffle but had to top up $5. 

The meal cost us a little over $100. Food portions were quite big so good to share.

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