SG50 Jubilee walk 

The Jubilee walk was introduced sometime back in 2015 to commemorate Singapore’s 50th independence anniversary.  It is an interesting trail linking to some iconic places and museums in Singapore. It is a good option for visitors to know more about Singapore by walking around the city and visiting the places of interests, no guides needed. We went on a part of this 8km exploration starting with the National Museum and we ended at National Gallery. We spent the most time at National Museum, Peranakan Museum and National Gallery.

Tip – Look out for the ground emblems or markings of SG50 to know if you are still following the trail…

National Museum – there is currently ‘we built a nation’ showcase of how Singapore became what it is today, LKY’s house and life and other interesting exhibits like ‘modern colony’ and ‘growing up’. We especially liked the ‘voices of Singapore’ slideshow where were were reminded of the older Singapore and familiar national songs like ‘五脚基’ (which is five foot way – according to wiki are pedestrian walkways indented on the ground floor of buildings so the levels above provide shelter from sun and rain), stand up for Singapore and other familiar tunes… Check out our previous visit

Peranakan Museum – about 5min walk from National Museum. As there were no new exhibits this time, check out our previous visit

Philatelic museum – about a minute walk away is the world of stamps and first day covers. This time, Snoopy and Charlie Brown were on display. With Easter recently, there were also bunny stamps on the wall. Check out our previous visit here

Central Fire Station – About a minute walk away from the Philatelic museum is the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery. Experience how fire is put out and the evolution of fire trucks. 

Fort canning park – is located right behind the fire station.

Old Hill Street Police Station – just a few steps away from the fire station. We tried to visit twice and on both occasions, it was closed.

Singapore River – we headed to the underpass to cross over to Singapore River. Within a few minutes, we reached the flowers offered to LKY in remembrance of his passing in 2015. 


Asian Civilization Museum – visit exhibits from Tang Shipwreck, ancient China and more…

Victoria Memorial Hall – also known as Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall is our oldest performing arts venue. The clock tower is iconic.

Arts House at Old Paliament – Singapore’s first Paliament house was made an arts venue now.

National Gallery – we ended our half a day walk at this beautiful location where we had coffee and a light bite. Check out our previous visit here

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