Little India and it’s vicinity

Little India is an interesting, vibrant and busy part of Singapore especially on weekends when families and friends gather to shop and eat.

We started our walk from Orchard Road/ Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and passed POMO. A small mall with some restaurants, food stalls and shops. 

 Then this building 

And to the colorful Little India!


Some well known landmarks include Mustafa shopping Centre, Tekka wet market and small streets offering nice cafes and food. It’s amazing what we found on our weekend excursion to Little India and we will share in this post.

Along little India on Serangoon Road 

Very reasonably priced hand phone accessories, snacks, ornaments, clothings

 Magazines, costume Jewellery and ornaments, garlands, and there were many goldsmiths along the whole stretch.

Tekka market 

  ‘Sea coconut’ or fruit of toddy palm  
Various herbs from top left – pennywort, basil, sea coconut, moringa, betel nut, and this longish spiky plant that is supposed to be good for itchy skin (boil it with water and use it to bathe as I was told by someone at the stall?!)

Food stalls, clothing, wet market

Rangoon road cafes 

Old hen – creamy coffee and chocolate in bottles, how cool! Saves time in preparation and tastes good!   
Branches – a quirky and fun cafe


Jewel cafe – good coffee and some cocktails. The food seemed good too!  
Walking towards Farrer Park Mrt Station to Race Course Road, we arrive at Tessensohn Road.

Hungry Heroes on Teseensohn Rd                    

Food’s good on the whole – we had the chicken burger and ribs. Juicy and tender chicken thigh burger and nice ribs. We thought the drink (orange clobbering) could taste better than what I thought tasted a little like ‘cough syrup’ and the fries could be crispier and more well seasoned. But overall the burger was very good so we were happy. The restaurant was a joy for any action hero fan and is really popular with families especially on weekends when they serve lunch.

Other finds along our way      

Ah Lam abalone soup, provision shops scattered around the vicinity        

Views of the streets and colorful umbrella trees.

This walk took us about 7 hours including cafe hopping. Though the heat was unbearable, it was still fun and enjoyable. The cool drinks and good food helped.



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