Macritchie Treetop Walk

It was one of the hottest day in Singapore when we chose to do this walk. At 36 deg Celsius, we started our 3hr walk from Venus Drive car park at 9am. 

 The start of the walk was relaxing. Though there were uneven grounds, there were families with kids as young as 3years of age, also walking towards the treetop suspension bridge. Along the way, we met avid photographers taking macro shots, little creatures, different plants, tourists and all who came for a good work out… 

 After walking for about 2.4km, we arrived at a junction and abit further towards the ranger station for a toilet break or short rest to replenish our water supply. 

Then trek a steep hill (which was no easy feat) to the entrance of the treetop suspension bridge, FINALLY! 

The bridge allows about 30 people on it at one time, so be prepared to queue (about 5 – 10min) while admiring the giant trees and chatting with fellow Trekkers. There will be a ranger to control the crowd. Once on the bridge, everyone walks in a single file and its forward on, no turning back. Try to visit on a weekday morning to make the bridge walk worthwhile. When there are not many people, there will be more time to take photos, admire the view and take in some fresh air.


  After passing the gate, there’s a lot more stairs to climb up and down…. Again, not an easy feat for an unfit person like me. However, thanks to the sheltered huts, those with the elderly and young can rest after walking for less than a km. Do note not to eat while in the forest as the monkeys will be eyeing for your food or drinks and they are not afraid of us…

We walked another few minutes via the Sime Track to Jelutong Tower for another good view of the reservoir and nature reserve. 

Note that there is a split trail at the Sime Track. On the left, towards Bukit Timah Hill and on the right on Sime Track which leads back to Venus Drive. There are signs along the way but many still get lost, perhaps not noticing the signs/ directions. Along the way, monkeys big and small greet us… We found a group of about 10 moving together and the disappeared into the forest.

 Overall the walk was enjoyable, it was not an easy one but it was a good challenge. I hope to be back again and spend more time in nature to slowly observe the creatures and study the plants….


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