Or Tor Kor market 

Or Tor Kor is one of the cleanest and most organized markets that I know of. It’s also one of the world’s best markets. There are wet and dry sections. Wet section offered mainly seafood and meat.

On the dry side – Vegetables, fruits, dried goods, snacks remain on the dry side. A variety of salted fish was on sale, a sight not commonly seen in Singapore nowadays.

Interesting vegetables and fruits like one of my favorite – the chayote shoots (dragon beard vegetable), cowslips (small white flowers great in soups), petai (bitter bean/ stink bean), mangoes in season, monthong and kanyao durians, ginormous water apples, mangosteen, rambutans, mini vegetables which were so cute! 

The sauces, condiments, snacks and small bites

The grains and rice

The food… hawker stalls offering the local fare, once again, I tried my favorite dish in Bangkok… the khao kha moo (pork leg rice)… It was good but I still preferred the version at Siam Paragon’s foodcourt.

Other finds at or tor kor

Or Tor Kor is a great place to shop for local stuff, souvenirs and all things Thai. It’s located not too far from Siam area and its next to chatuchak market. BTS Kamphaeng Phet is the nearest stop.

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