New Zealand – driving from Wellington to Napier

Driving in New Zealand is a joy. Small towns are near each other. We passed several small towns from Wellington to Napier and could easily stop by for a meal or short rest. After leaving the culinary capital, we adjourn to the wine producing region of Hawkes Bay where we stayed over at Napier. The drive from Wellington to the Napier took us slightly more than 4 hours.

The drive was scenic and we enjoyed it.

After slightly more than 2 hours drive, we stopped by the nibbley pig cafe in woodsville for some coffee. It was a quaint cafe with very English decor.

And in less than 3 hours, driving through heavy rain (weather can be pretty unpredictable) and passed some wineries, we arrived in Napier!

Checked in at Scenic hotel Te pania along Marine parade which was a very basic place to spend 2 nights. 

In the next post, we will be sharing what Napier has to offer…

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