New Zealand – dining in Napier 

Some of the more enjoyable meals in our trip were in Napier. Though a small town, food selection was pretty decent. About 5 – 6 days into our trip, a little Asian flavors  was nice… Some amazingly delicious brunch, lunch in a garden, and ‘adult’ donuts for a snack?!

Thai hutt – owned by Thais, diners can be sure the cooking is authentic. There may be some fusion essence but still delicious. The complimentary shrimp toast for all diners was a nice touch.

Mission estate winery – nice lunch in a garden with blue skies and greenery. About NZ$55 per pax for  2 course with a relaxing surrounding and taste some wine after made a nice round up…

Mister D dining – adult donuts meant alcoholic syringes with Hennessy cognac custard, stolen dark rum & chocolate or 42 below Manila honey vodka jelly injected into cinnamon sugar coated huge donuts… Frankly speaking it’s interesting but e donuts were too big for one. Sharing with more syringes would’ve been a wiser choice.

Adoro – for a hearty breakfast, brunch or lunch, visit this very popular cafe and try their slow cooked beef cheeks on ciabatta & poached eggs.

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