Yilan city (宜兰市)- Taiwan

In the last post, we shared a bit about Jiaoxi (礁溪). As we continue our exploration of yilan, we’ve reached the mid way. We found the city to be quaint and beautiful at the Lanyang museum and hang gliding spot, but also lively and vibrant due to the colorful Jimmy park (吉米公园)just across yilan train station where the young and old enjoy.

We’ll also share some of the food outlets we tried…

1. Lanyang museum 

2. Hang gliding spot and Mr Brown’s castle cafe where we could see the turtle mountain island (龟山岛)

3. Reasonably priced and tasty lunch at 琴香扣肉 (qin xiang kou rou).

4. Kavalan king car whisky distillery – for some tasting and learn how whisky is made. Buy some on your way out…

5. Yuan Shan ji Bao (圆山机堡)to find some wooden planes and structures. Glass house restaurant (photo below) was about 14min drive away from yuanshan jibao.

6. Next we headed to yilan train station area – yilan hang kou (宜兰行口)& chuang chuang xin cun (创创新村). This is a place for those who like retro or nostalgic stuff.

7. Jimmy park (吉米公园)

8. Then at the end of the day, chill at this cafe owned by a lady who stayed in Japan for more than 30yrs, offering authentic Japanese home cooked fare

We’ll be sharing about Luodong and our accommodation there next! 

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