Chewy oat & raisins cookies

Most of us are staying home, trying to keep healthy but also want a nice treat especially for a long weekend. While browsing some recipes and wanting to use up my oats, these cookies would be ideal! They are chewy, soft and makes one go mmmm…

These cookies are quite easy to prepare… everything can be mixed in one big bowl. Just follow the sequence and let’s get started. Everyone can enjoy these yummy treats at home!

Ingredients make 16 x 2.5inch wide cookies

Ingredients placed in order of usage sequence (anticlockwise) starting from butter. My raisins were soaked in butterscotch schnapps (to soften and give more flavor) and drained just before preparing the cookie dough. Soaking of raisins can also be done with warm water but softening them is optional


1. Melt butter in a pan till slightly browned for more intense flavor in the cookies. Once the butter is ready, pour into a big mixing bowl and add the following ingredients (browning the butter is also optional, as long as it’s melted)
Once the 4 ingredients are added, mix till mixture looks crumbly
At step 9, mix baking soda with flour and add to mixture. Once the flour / baking soda is added, the mixture will be thick and sticky. Do not worry, that’s normal.
These cookies were placed too near each other. Note that they expand to about double their size so do space them out. In my case, the best spacing was 4 cookies at each bake
All my cookies were joined as a result after baking for 10min. Let them rest for 5min on the baking pan and use a butter knife to separate them. After 5min, transfer them to a cooling rack and let them cool completely
These babies were soft, chewy and not too sweet. Full of oat goodness and great when paired with milk. I like them with an espresso.

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