Chef Icon – Le Patisserie Au Naturel

We had brunch at Chef Icon today. It was a simple bakery and cafe, not much space for dining in and not a place for big groups. There was a small fridge of cakes and the side shelves of bread. A selection of peanut butter, gula melaka kaya (palm sugar coconut jam) and the normal kaya were on display just next to the entrance.

Chef Icon’s philosophy of baking is simple, adopting the Avina.Neutro baking style, ensures that cakes and pastries are free of preservatives or hydrogenated fats. There are no animal rennet, gelatin, and meat. They also do not use alcohol, margarine, onions, garlic, or chemical improves or enhancers.

We tried 2 cakes and 2 sandwiches with coffee and tea.

Mango Hokkaido roll had a creamy filling and fresh chunky mango embraced by the soft, cottony sponge. It was both satisfying and the melt in the mouth sponge was delish!

Next the carrot cake which had ample flavor and nuts was covered in white as snow creamed cheese. Not oily, not too sweet, just how I like it.

The sandwiches were good too, the breads were topped with nuts and seeds and were toasted to perfection, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. The ham in the Max ham & cheese sandwich was mock meat.

Not forgetting the coffees, we ordered flat white as recommended by the staff and cafe latte. The flat white was great, just the perfect amount of coffee and milk.

As it was our first visit, the owner recommend the pastries and coffees. There was a guava tea I tried but may not remembered the name correctly, may be “after rain guava”. This quaint little bakery is nice to spend a quiet afternoon in.

Chef Icon

We also bought some takeaways and tried the English queen cake – banana chocolate and cinnamon bread (no photos for the bread). Both were good!



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