Met up with my pal, KC and hubby PL to celebrate her birthday in advance. Took them to Real Food and proceeded to Flams, a French eatery which serves up Flammekueche (to be elaborated later).

Round 1 – Real Food: In my previous post on Real Food, we had some of the awesome healthy vegetarian dishes, and no they are not bland nor did they taste ‘green’ or raw.

So this time, we ordered different dishes. Each of us tried different organic fruit juices. PL had orange carrot, KC had pineapple celery carrot and I had cucumber apple. All were good especially KC’s, yummy!

We ordered 4 dishes to share. First up, signature brown rice set which consisted of 5 side dishes. A vegetable soup (which tasted like vegetable stock was rather plain), braised black beans (pretty good and flavorful, made up for the soup), steamed vegetables, salad and a crispy mixed vegetable roll which was scrumptious and appetizing!




The last time I tried their dumplings was steamed with some tamari and sesame oil. This time, we ordered them fried. My 2 dining partners seemed to enjoy the fried dumplings but they were actually not what I expected them to be. Thought they would be prepared the way gyozas would (pan fried) but they were deep fried. Otherwise both versions have the same fillings, so they’re still good.


Instead of quinoa this time, we ordered the fried vermicelli. It was refreshing with lots of capsicum strips, carrot strips, cabbage, tomatoes and sunflower sprouts. KC could not stop with this dish.


The last dish was mushroom bruschetta. Simple dish of toasted ciabatta topped with melted cheese and lightly fried button mushrooms. PL enjoyed this while I preferred the aubergine bruschetta in my previous post.


As for me, I’d give thumbs up for the braised black beans. Great single dish to go with rice or porridge.

Trying to be healthy post

Round 2 – It’s indulgence when after a full meal we proceeded to the next eatery. As we were on our quest for more food, we stumbled upon Flams. Here, you will find a traditional French dish called Flammekueche or Tarte flambĂ©e (in short, they call this flam). We started with soups. KC had lobster bisque and I had the French onion soup. Both were good but KC found hers too salty and a little too fishy tasting. As for mine, the baked cheese on top of the onion soup tasted a little bitter, but they were not burnt. So it was still acceptable.



Now comes the highlight, the Flam! We wanted a dessert, and so were recommended the banana chocolate flam. Oh my, this time, it was my turn who cannot resist, I finished most of the flam! Flams are actually (in my context) ultra thin crusted pizza. So they’re light and won’t make you feel ‘jelak’ which meant ‘tired of’.


Give Flams a go when you’re at Orchard Central!



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