Japanese feasts continues at Sun with Moon

Following the post on Japanese feasts, the next was Sun with moon Japanese dining & cafe, which is located at Wheelock Place. It is known for its interesting and spoilt for choice menu, and dishes are created by chef Toshio Sawai.

We were there for their Kyushu gourmet experience and this will run till 08 Jan 2013. To all who love Japanese food, do try their culinary delights unique to Kyushu!


Ankimo ponzu – monkfish liver in citrus ponzu sauce.


Mentai salmon takana roll – spicy cod roe, sweet omelette and cucumber sushi roll wrapped with salmon and japanese preserved mustard leaf


Goma hamachi – sliced yellowtail sashimi served with special soya sauce dip and soft boil egg



Miyazaki beef steak ajikurabe – Miyazaki wagyu ribeye and sirloin steak teppanyaki


Toriten – (Oita) lightly battered chicken thigh tempura


Yumecha roll cake – Fukuoka green tea roll with vanilla cream center with green tea powder and azuki bean paste


Sun with moon

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