Finale to the weekend of Japanese feasts – Rakuzen

Back to Rakuzen for dinner!

Hotaruika shiokara – salted fire fly cuttlefish (fermented with salt & malted rice)
Nice dish to go with sake or beer. The first time I tried this was at Matsuo Sushi. I like it with a little white rice and ate them like sushi.


Maguro natto – raw tuna with natto
Mix this with a little soy sauce and shichimi togarashi (7 spice powder) and mix with some white rice, healthy and delicious!


Unagi yanagawa – braised eel & burdock, yanagawa style
The savory sauce with the egg, eel & burdock went well with rice


Himatsubushi (age gobo) – fried burdock
Great snack, could not stop munching on them


Aburi sushi moriwase – assorted grilled sushi
Came back for this! The sushi rice this time was a little soggy so not as good as 2 days ago, slightly disappointing


Kaki fry roll – fried oyster & lettuce roll with tonkatsu mayo sauce
Similar to the spider roll, this dish was rather average


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