SW’s birthday & farewell dinner

SW’s birthday is just around the corner and she’s leaving for Chicago soon, so this meal is both a birthday celebration and farewell dinner. As both of us like Japanese, it’s Sun with Moon again!

We both had the seafood chawanmushi which was delicious but the presentation was a little disappointing. A good chawanmushi should be smooth and silky, but they were probably steamed in high heat, resulting in the uneven surface.

The soft shell crab roll was average but the aburi salmon sushi was good, however, nothing fantastic. Shiokoji wakadori aburi yaki (tender grilled chicken marinated with shiokoji) was also one of tonight’s dishes but no pics. Shiokoji is salted rice malt which is a traditional condiment made from fermenting malted rice. It is supposed to be healthy. However, though tasty and flavorful, the chicken was a tad salty.

There were also edamame (soybeans in a pod) and kurobuta (Berkshire pig) gyozas. The gyozas were probably one of the better dishes tonight.






To end the meal, we had the dessert trio which consisted of the goma (sesame) pudding, matcha (green tea) ice cream and tofu cheese cake. Our vote for the best dessert went to the goma pudding! The slightly bitter black sesame topping and the smooth pudding was a perfect marriage! Tofu cheese cake fell into 2nd place, nice but not extraordinary. The matcha ice cream was average.




Sun with moon
Japanese feast continues at sun with moon

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