Garuda Padang (closed as of 30 April 2014)

Garuda Padang is an Indonesian restaurant (managed by Tung Lok group) which offers Padang food. Padang is the capital of West Sumatra. Padang food is the cuisine of Minangkabau people, famous for its rich taste of lemak (coconut milk) and spicy chili.

We ordered a few dishes to share. All were delicious but were a little too salty for our liking. When we feedback to the waitress, she explained that Indonesians like it that way and the dishes were intentionally made saltier because Indonesians love their dishes with rice.

Of all the 4 dishes, the tendon was most outstanding, followed by the sambal eggplant. Of course the other 2 dishes were also very good. Not forgetting the green chili, it was nice and not too spicy, went well with the dishes and rice.







Tung Lok

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