White Christmas – Korea 02 to 09 Dec

Korea is indeed a winter wonderland. Highlight of this trip was skiing!!!

Before the excitement began, we spent a day in Jeju Island where we visited the seongsan sunrise peak and seopjikopji coast. Jeju is in the subtropical zone and so is not affected by the extreme winter cold (down to -23 deg celsius when we were at the ski resort ) .

And then the fun with snow begins at Mt Sorak! The views surrounding Del Pino resort was breathtaking… Despite the very cold winds, I could not resist to take a few more photos of the view. It started to snow heavily while we were at Mt Sorak in preparation for the ski experience which was our next stop, Alpensia!

Alpensia was a lovely ski resort which comprised of a few hotels. It was also the most looked forward highlight of this trip as we stayed at Intercontinental resort which was a lovely hotel with the best rooms and breakfast of all the hotels we stayed in this trip…

Look forward the the next post on Korean hotels!













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