Korean hotels

From the previous 2 blogs, the types of delicacies and places of interest were posted. On this trip, we stayed in 4 different hotels, namely:
Best Western Premier Seoul Garden Hotel, Ocean Suites (Jeju), Del Pino Resort (Daemyung Sorak Resort), Intercontinental Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort. Photos are placed in order of the above mentioned.

Of all the hotels, Intercontinental was the best (room amenities and food), it only took about 5min walk to the ski center, but booking way in advance, preferably 1yr before is recommended. Best Western Premier was about 10 – 15min taxi ride from Myeongdong, and there were restaurants, train and supermarket nearby. Ocean Suites Jeju was nice and near the airport but rooms were a little small, for those who love seafood, there are many restaurants nearby with neon lights. Del Pino (Daemyung Sorak Resort) had an in-house waterpark, huge rooms, kitchenette, balcony, breathtaking views and heated flooring which were good for those sleeping on thin mattresses but do opt for beds especially for the elderly and those who are not used to sleeping on the floor.

One thing to note for Korean hotels whether in the city, at resorts or ski area, there will be supermarkets or convenient stores nearby or within the same building. Hotels and resorts do not provide toothbrush or toothpaste, other basic toiletries are provided e.g. Bath foam, soap, shampoo.

Lastly, to end the Korean trip, managed to take a snapshot of Namsan N Seoul tower. Will get up there in my next trip to Seoul!









Best Western Premier Seoul Garden
Ocean Suites Jeju
Daemyung Sorak Resort
Intercontinental Alpensia pyeongchang

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