Imperial Treasure – Resorts World Sentosa

Imperial treasure is always a good place to find reasonably priced and delicious Chinese meal.

We had 4 dishes:
egg white and fish meat – this dish came with an egg yolk in the middle, before eating, mix the egg yolk with vinegar into the egg white until it looks like scrambled eggs.

spinach with 3 kinds of eggs – spinach was cooked in superior stock and eggs, salted eggs and century eggs were added

Beancurd strips with ham – beancurd sheets were sliced finely into strips then cooked in a flavorful stock with mushrooms and topped with Chinese ham (金华火腿)

Chicken and vegetables noodle – mee sua (面线)were cooked with chicken and vegetables. Nice but the noodles became mushy in a short while, so we left most of it

My favorite was the beancurd strips with ham!





Imperial Treasure

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