JPot – Vivocity

Hotpot or steamboat dining in Singapore is popular. Jpot is one of the most popular choices for it. They are always fully booked, and to get a table for more than 2, it’s best to call at least 3 days in advance.

Jpot serves 7 kinds of soup base, Singapore style. They range from different flavors and taste from mild to spicy. They are superior broth, bak kut teh (peppery), herbal, laksa (spicy), silky porridge, Tom yam (spicy), and vegetarian.

The hotpots now come individual or personal to maintain hygiene, a plus point which I really like. In the past they had 2 options, either shared or personal pots.

One can also choose from many fresh ingredients to go with rice, noodles or other carbo. Their prawn balls, pork balls, etc are also made in house. They have fresh seafood, meats, snacks like fried fish skin and beancurd skin to choose from and many different vegetables. On the average, each person may have to spend above $25 to enjoy a meal there.

Dipping sauce is also another highlight. A buffet station for sauces is available. There will be recommended recipes but I like to make my own. Here are the ingredients for my sauce: coriander, spring onion strips (white part closest to the roots), fried garlic, chili, sha cha sauce (沙茶), sesame seeds, garlic oil, sesame oil, soya sauce.










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