Sun with Moon – Wheelock

Revisiting Sun with Moon and the food is as usual, good. Packed as ever, by 6pm the restaurant was half filled. It’s always better to make a reservation if you wish to dine here.

This trip, we had the aburi sake (salmon) and mekajiki (swordfish) sushi, teriyaki sirloin steak gyudon and goma (sesame) pudding. The rice for the sushi and gyudon was cooked to perfection. Each grain was shiny, fluffy and tasty! We like our fish on the sushi flame torched with a little salt to bring out the flavor of the sushi.

Usually I will not consume main courses which are sweetish, but the gyudon was so tasty, albeit a little sweet, I felt like I did not have enough if it. It’s a pity the steak was a little sinewy, otherwise this dish would be perfect!

The goma pudding as usual did not disappoint. Perfect dessert for sesame lovers and great as an ending to a satisfying meal.





Sun With Moon

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