Wild Honey, yummy yummy

Wild Honey is no stranger to those who like a good and hearty breakfast or brunch. They have 2 outlets in Orchard area, one at Mandarin Gallery and another at Scott’s Square. I prefer Scott’s Square as though it is ever crowded, the space is bigger.

For the drinks other than the usual coffees (cafe latte, mocha and cappuccino) that we ordered, there was this refreshing berry slushie which was yums!

Now for the food, we ordered a few varieties to share amongst us. The eggs Ben (European), something exotic from Africa (Tunisian), bagel with scrambled eggs and salmon (I love New York), something unusual with a soufflé (boulevard st Michel), and the usual mushroom eggs sausage tomato combi (the English).

We had a great meal and great catch up with the cousins! Wild Honey is a popular place for gatherings so remember to make reservations!







Wild Honey

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