Ladurée in Singapore

It was a delight to know that Ladurée is available in Singapore since April this year. The first time I tried the lovely macarons was not in Paris but in London about 2 years back at Harrods (Knightsbridge). The dainty decor of the tea lounge and colorful display of macarons remain vividly in my mind.

In the first 2 months of the opening at Ngee Ann City, the queues to purchase the macarons were amazingly long both at the boutique and counter. It is much easier to buy these little gems nowadays. They cost about $3.80 per piece and comes in seasonal flavors such as yuzu ginger, Antoinette, pure origin chocolate from Ghana, yuzu chocolate, etc. The usuals were rose, lemon, pistachio, vanilla, raspberry, orange blossom, licorice, caramel with salted butter, coffee and chocolate.

Other than Antoinette which we did not really know how to appreciate, the commendable ones were Ghana chocolate, lemon, yuzu ginger, rose and salted caramel. We like them as flavors were just right but not too sweet to our liking, and the shells were crisp. We also like the feeling of the slight chewiness when we sink our teeth in one of them.








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