Pepenero’s (black pepper) got to be my current favourite Italian restaurant. Food is great, service is fantastic, chef is friendly, convenient parking, where else would I be when it’s Italian!

Been there twice for dinner and everything we ordered were very good. The bread to start with went very well with the condiments, the breadstick went well with the olive tapenade and the French loaf was nice with the tomato tapenade.

For starters, we had the following:
Oven baked layered eggplant parmigiana. With San marzano tomatoes, parmigiano reggiano cheese and fresh buffalo mozzarella ($24) – this was really hearty and could be a main course. Really cheesy and tasty, thumbs up!

Deep fried zucchini flowers stuffed with buffalo mozzarella, anchovies and zucchini chips ($26) – yummy to the max, loved this dish! Zucchini flowers are not available all the time. They are shipped twice every week to the restaurant, so do call and ask if they have on the day of your reservation.

Rolled wagyu beef carpaccio filled with burrata cheese and wild rocket with mixed pickled mushrooms ($26) – very good but nothing extraordinary.

For the mains, we devoured:
Not on the menu: homemade egg pasta with mixed seafood depending on catch of the day ($36) – this was so yummy I had to have it twice

Grilled beef tenderloin with red wine reduction roasted potatoes and artichokes alla giudiaca ($39) – tenderloin from Argentina was juicy and cooked to perfection at medium rare

Beef short ribs stewed 4 hours in Barolo wine with saffron mashed potatoes and sautéed mushrooms ($39) – beef ribs were so tender and tasty, this dish was irresistible













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