Happenings in Tokyo – finale

It’s the end of the short week in Tokyo. Took a day or more to explore shinjuku area.

Had a simple sushi lunch at Sushi Go Round, liked that they had 2 types of green tea in powder form. Sushi was reasonable priced and the mixed tuna plate which had chutoro and ootoro was only ¥600.

Next stop, Uniqlo. It’s a must to visit for clothes. As there were a few branches, we chose BICQLO. BICQLO is a combination of BIC Camera/ electronics and Uniqlo. Spent an hour shopping there. Uniqlo in Japan was about 20% cheaper than Singapore and when there are specials, more savings! Some items were not available in Singapore.

Then headed over to Isetan just across for more shopping. Isetan houses most if not all brand labels. Got a bag from Burberry Blue label which is only available in Japan.

Dinner was at Isetan main building level 3, Ladies & Gentlemen Cafe. Good food, ambience, cocktails and coffee. Handsome bartenders and pretty servers too!

Received a pair of mini getas from a Japanese colleague, said to bring good fortune to visitors when left at the door.

To end the evening, we lazed at the hotel lounge again….

The next day met some friends for lunch and had tea at Sunday Brunch (Lumine 1, B2). Passed by the Hal Mode Iko (Mode Gakuen Cocoon building) which is a combination of 3 institutions in one. Tokyo Mode Gakuen, HAL Tokyo and Shuto Iko.

For more information on Shinjuku shopping malls check out this link: moderntokyotimes

Headed for the airport after and passed the Rainbow Bridge to Narita airport.

















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