Ng Ah Sio bak kut teh (pork rib tea)

Bak kut teh is a local favourite amongst Malaysians and Singaporeans. It is basically pork ribs cooked in a broth of herbs and spices.

There are a few versions of this dish. The Malaysians usually like the darker version which is a little sweet. Some like the herbal version. While I like the lighter colored soup with mainly garlic and pepper taste.

Pork ribs are usually eaten with dark thick soy sauce and red cut chillies. You tiao or dough fritters are dipped in the soup to soak up the goodness before one eats. Different stalls serve different side dishes so look out for them whichever stall you are at, might have some interesting ones. Traditionally, this dish should go with Chinese tea and in some stalls, there are boiling water on the side of tables for patrons to top up the water for their tea.

Ng ah Sio at chui huay lim club is more conventional. They do not have the boiling water at the side but serves the version of bak kut Teh that I like. Soup was good but the pork ribs were a little tough. They also serve pork liver and kidney blanched in soup and the usual braised peanuts, salted vegetable stew and you tiao (dough fritters). However they did not have braised beancurd skin which is my favorite. Their braised peanut and salted vegetable stew were also too sweet for my liking.

Overall the meal was average, I’d give a 6/10. The meal cost about $35 for 2 pax.






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