Village Park Restaurant – nasi lemak

Malaysians and Singaporeans love nasi lemak (rich or fat rice). It is rice cooked in coconut milk and some salt. The coconut rice is eaten with sambal chili, ikan bilis (anchovies), hard boiled egg, cucumber and peanuts. Sounds yummy already? Some also like to add on chicken rendang, ayam goreng (deep fried chicken), sambal sotong (spicy cuttlefish), etc.

I was told that village park restaurant (in KL, petaling jaya) serves the best nasi lemak. Indeed, upon arrival, there are newspaper write ups of different Malaysian prime ministers patronizing them. The restaurant bustled with endless patrons. Business was really brisk!

We ordered 3 layer tea which was a combination of liquid Muscovado, tea and milk. Tasted quite like bubble milk tea. Two of us had nasi lemak with the signature fried chicken but I had it with chicken rendang and spicy cuttlefish.

Overall the food was good and the meal cost us about RM$45 max for 3 pax.



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